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14-Aug-2015 We are now well through a busy season, but very successful to date. Kennet is currently moored at Reedley Marina awaiting the three events to the end of the season:-
Burnley Canal Festival - 29th-30th August; Blackburn Heritage Weekend - 12th-13th September (This is a new venture for Kennet); Skipton Puppet Festival - 2nd-4th October
As ever you are more than welcome to come and help - no experience required - just enjoy the atmosphere, chatting and keeping an eye on our exhibits. Please let us know if you can come and join us even if it is just half a day. Email - friendsofkennet@gmail.com or Tel - 01535 630597

27-Jul-2015 The Society is holding an Open Meeting on the 7th September at 6-30pm, at Graham & Brown's, Design & Marketing Centre for anyone who is interested in celebrating or organising a celebration for the 200th anniversary of the canal in 2016. More information here. Please share this with anybody who may be interested. Looking forward to a successful meeting and 2016.

6-Jul-2015 As part of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal's completion, the Society is producing a 2016 calendar. Details of a Photographic Competition to source the pictures, which is open to all amateurs, are available here. Please share this with friends and anyone who takes pictures. We look forward to receiving many entries.

* 16-Jun-2015 This week sees Kennet in Bingley for the Schools Week, after a successful day yesterday at the CRT Bingley Family Fun Day although the weather could have been better. The local paper provided a picture of children at the event - wearing costumes made by Freda.

Our next major event after Sundays opening at a Community Towpath Event, Micklethwaite Swing Bridge is the Leeds Waterways Festival 27th & 28th June, where it is planned for Kennet to be open in Granary Wharf alongside CRT. However it seems that we have an ongoing problem this year with the openings being reliant on a few core volunteers, with this one also being desperately short of help - there is nothing onerous about helping, as if there are plenty of volunteers, it gives time to chat and see what else is happening in the surrounding areas.

Thanks to those who have volunteered. Looking forwards to a successful weekend.

* 9-May-2015 The Kennet season is now well underway with successful weekends at the Salter Heritage Weekend and the Skipton Waterways Festival followed by the visit from Burnley Women’s Institute - despite the weather. Our next major event is the Saltaire Arts Trail - but first calling at Crossflatts School so that around 180 children can visit Kennet and enjoy extra activities with the CRT Explorers.

However after the good news - it is apparent that we don't have the number of volunteers for some of the events going forwards. The main problem being that we need more members for our "Open House" hosting two artists and the Bradford Photographic Society at the Saltaire Arts Trail. For more about this weekend see the Saltaire Inspired website and the Arts Trail brochure.

The latest issue of Clogs & Gansey is now available. As a review of our postage costs and an increase in email addresses on our database, we have decided to send this issue out to all the email addresses we have and only post the balance. We appreciate that there may be some of you that could have a problem with having C&G in this way - if so please contact us and supply a more suitable email address if you have one or indeed require it by post and we will update our records accordingly.

Many thanks for your continued support.

* 2-Apr-2015 The 2015 Programme and Moving Schedule for Kennet have been distributed over the past few days - and copies are also available here.
* 14-Feb-2015 All members should have now received notice of the Society’s Annual General Meeting to be held at 2pm on Saturday 7th March 2015 at the Rolls Royce Social Club, Skipton Road, Barnoldswick BB18 6HJ. Later that day there will also be a Tapas Cruise on the Romance starting from Ripley Green, near Blackburn at 7pm. Booking forms need to be returned by 25th February. Why not make up a group and bring your friends?
* 3-Nov-2014 The latest Friends of Kennet Newsletter should now have arrived in your inbox - and is online here.
* 22-Aug-2014 The 3rd Kennet update of the season is now online. As you will see the main change is that the CRT Partnership has changed the format of the day and it is now only an “internal event” so Kennet is stopping in the west to the end of the season. There are also other alterations along with additions. Please have a look and volunteer to help with staffing and moving so that we can have a successful end to the season. We are particularly short of help for the 31st August in Runcorn, the Crooke Beer, Boat and Folk Festival (20-21 September) and the PR day (9 October).
* 15-Jul-2014 We are now well into the season, which so far has been very successful with over 3,000 visitors to date including five schools. An updated Kennet Movements & Programme is now online. As you see it has seen some changes / additions which although adds to the volunteering input we feel that if we can achieve it the the whole season will be a huge success. However it does rely on us having the volunteers to help - so please let the appropriate contact know as indicated on the programme. Many thanks to all those who have helped to date and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the remainder of the season.
* 5-Jun-2014 We plan to open to the public on Sunday 22nd June for the Burscough Heritage Weekend. PLEASE HELP so that we can open up at the place where Kennet was "relaunched" in a blaze of glory 2 years ago. You simply need to help the public onto and in Kennet with the added enjoyment of chatting to interested people.
* 7-Apr-2014 Hello All - we are looking at holding an "Open Day" to invite Organisations, Boat Clubs and other possible interested parties to promote Kennet and the Society. If we have enough volunteers come forwards then it will take place on Saturday 31st May at ELWY Boat Club (they have kiindly offered to move some boats for us so that we have easy access). So it is over to you - please let us know your thoughts and whether you would be available. Apart from this we must not forget our other events initial events of Skipton Waterways Festival at Skipton and Hyndburn. We will be just beyond the Bridge on the Springs Branch and would like to also utilise the grass area on the bank to add to our impact - so the more of us there is the more impact we can make. Please let us know (if you haven't already done so) when you can join us on any event (especially the ones above) so we can finalise our plans. Many thanks to those who have already volunteered. Latest version of the events list.
* We are near the start of our 2014 season with Kennet - and the latest Newsletter which has the season’s programme to date is now online. This is very dependent on our volunteer support and we still require more help. If you would like to give an hour or so (or even longer) at any of the events or moving Kennet then please let us know as soon as possible so that you can be put into touch with those who are "heading up" each event. Looking forward to seeing you over the season.
* At Easter there is the launch of a new L&LC book at the Waterways Archive at Ellesmere Port. Can anyone help take our stand and promote both Kennet and the Society? See latest newsletter ...
* The latest Clogs and Gansey newsletter is now available and should already be in your e-mail inbox.
* In March 2014 your Society became a registered charity.
* The Society’s Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 8th March 2014 at the Library, Barnoldswick.
* The web site has been moved to the Society’s new domain. This is hosted by the same ISP and there should be no change in content or appearance as a result of the move. However new authors and editors can now be accommodated.
* This web site has been converted from a HTML, text edited, file structure into a Netobjects Fusion project at the request of the Committee. External web sites linking to specific pages (other than the Home page) will need updating. Please report any errors to Brian Townsley. The aim of the conversion is to allow new authors and editors to be involved. Any members interested?
* The Skipton Puppet Festival took place over the 28-29 September 2013 weekend.
* Burnley Canal Festival took place 13-15 September 2013 - looking forward to another excellent weekend in 2014.
* Our Social Evening was held on Friday 19th April at Caroline Social Club, Saltaire
* The Special General Meeting & Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 9th March 2013
* The Kennet g-mail calendar is now available more...
* Video of Bingley 5 Rise Locks at the Yorkshire Post ...
* Film makers challenged to put North-West canal heritage in the frame (now closed)
* New email address for Friends of Kennet - friendsofkennet@gmail.com - please update your records
* Movie clip of Kennet at Saltaire available more... (Quicktime 2.7Mb)
* The Kennet Project aims to achieve the Society's goal of ensuring Kennet is retained as an historic craft and continues to promote the heritage and traditions of the canal more...


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