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At Burscough 1940's Weekend 2019

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22-Oct-2019 We would like to thank all our supporters and volunteers who have made this season possible. Kennet is now back on her home moorings at Greenberfield after successfully hosting a different puppet show on each day at the Skipton International Puppet Festival early in October. Due to the scheduled poor weather we used the opportunity to utilise our Gazebo as a ‘covered entrance’ on the bank to join up to our wet weather entrance on Kennet.

27-Aug-2019 Edition 44 of the Society’s newsletter - Clogs and Gansey - has now been sent out. Let us know if you are missing a copy.

22-May-2019 After two successful weekends in Skipton for the Waterways Festival & the Hinterlands Film Festival Kennet is travelling back to Greenberfield at the end of this week in readiness to travel west for the rest of the season. However the closure of the canal at Burnley for major repair works has significantly overrun and is currently due to reopen on the 18th June which is only 3/4 days for Kennet to get to Burscough in time for the 40's Weekend on 22nd & 23rd June.
Burscough weekends have a great atmosphere and are enjoyable to be at. So why not join us for a few hours to help & also enjoy the event. In order for us to get organised let us know when you are available to help. We are monitoring the progress of the closure closely and we will keep you all posted in case of any changes - so watch this space!!

Also we have two forthcoming events which the Society will be attending together with gazebo, display boards, etc.

Leeds Waterfront Festival - 29/30 June - we can only attend with Kennet in alternate years; and, as you will know, Kennet is focussing this year on the western side of the Canal - particularly supporting commemorative activities for the Lancaster Canal Bicentenary.  However, we do still like to have a presence at the Leeds Waterfront Festival in those years when we are not attending with Kennet.  At the moment it is our intention to have a stall on Sunday 30 June - however, if we could muster enough support, we might consider doing the Saturday as well. Please let us know if you would be available to help, albeit even for an hour or two, on either of these days.

Silsden Park Day - 6 July - if you would be available to help, albeit even for an hour or two, please let us know.

28-Feb-2019 The Annual General Meeting of the Society is this weekend. Refreshments will be available from 2pm with the meeting starting at 3pm. So that’s Saturday 3rd March at the Ighten Leigh Social Club, 389 Padiham Road, Burnley BB12 6SZ - with the agenda already sent to you by post.

19-Jan-2019 Early warning of some important dates - the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Society is scheduled for Saturday 2nd March and the annual Skipton Waterway Festival, which is traditionally the start of our season, is planned for the May Bank Holiday Weekend again - so that’s 4th to 6th May this year. More details here soon.

12-Apr-2018 The Skipton Waterways Festival, which is traditionally the start of our season, is only 3 weeks away. This is a very busy weekend for us and we require a good number of people to make it so that everyone can enjoy the Festival as well as volunteering on Kennet. We are open all three days of the Bank Holiday weekend (5th to 7th May inclusive) - please indicate your availability of help on Kennet to Lynton who is leading the weekend.

And as part of our review and updating of the Kennet Manual it has been decided to include a Code of Conduct. This clarifies how we should move Kennet. This has evolved from our experiences over the last few years and that Kennet is now very much the public face of the Society. Accordingly we want to ensure that Kennet is operated using good safe practices which reflects the best practice for cruising on the canal.

27-Mar-2018 Report of the 2018 Annual General Meeting and the 40th edition of Clogs & Gansey should be arriving with members about now.

18-Mar-2018 Kennet's programme for 2018 is effectively completed - that is unless something else crops up! Please put these dates in your diary and let us know when you can help staff Kennet - no matter how small the amount. We will not be able to complete the season without the goodwill of volunteer members. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the coming season - and make a special note of the Society’s End of Season Celebration; more information nearer the date.

5-Feb-2018 Details of the 2018 Annual General Meeting - which is scheduled for 2pm Saturday 3rd March at the Ighten Leigh Social Club, 389 Padiham Road, Burnley BB12 6SZ - should now be arriving with you by post. Note that the postcode given in the letter is incorrect.

You have until 26th February to submit nominations for Trustees and Officers or any matters that you would like to raise in Any Other Business. This year the AGM will start with an archive video of the canal and refreshments.

24-Jan-2018 After our successful 2017 the Kennet trustees have arranged an open night to cover the ongoing work on Kennet and the requirements needed to keep her in good running order. This open meeting will be for all to discuss every aspect relative to Kennet's needs going forwards, based on our last 6 years experience. This meeting be on Thursday 8th February at 7-00pm at 2 Cross Lane Mill, Bradley, BD20 9QB and needs to cover all topics related to Kennet’s future such as -
·        - Cost of upkeep/running of Kennet (over 6 year period)
·        - Is there something to aim for? – to create interest, new volunteers and income!!
·        - Do we want to use Kennet in other ways? – if so how?
Please give some thought to these important issues and bring your ideas with you.

If you haven't already let Harold know that you are coming, please can you do so as he needs to ensure that we have enough cups & biscuits!! Please park outside the Mill Development as there is only limited reserved parking. Looking forwards to see you on the Thursday 8th February.

25-Aug-2017 Edition 38 of the Society newsletter - Clogs and Gansey - should now be with all members and copy is available online here .. Also just a reminder ... The end of the season is fast approaching, along with Kennet going into Dry Dock for her major 5 yearly survey and refurbishment required by the survey. This is a 3 week period in Dry Dock following Kennet opening at Botany Bay and subsequent moving in stages to Bank Hall Dry Dock (Burnley). The dry docking starts on the 22nd September during which it is planned to carry out the work through a mixture of Professionals and Volunteers. Online is a spread sheet which gives info as to dates etc. for the moving of Kennet into Dry Dock along with other key dates.The volunteers aspect is mainly in preparation and support of the Professionals and re-establishing the hold area after the works, along with potentially other tasks if time permits. It goes without saying that these are the 1st major works on Kennet since her refurbishment in 2011-12 and is necessary to keep her in good condition for the future. Although we are employing professionals for the majority of the works it is impossible for them to carry this out without the support of volunteers in order to keep the costs down. Whatever help you can give in any way would be appreciated - there is plenty of non skilled work to be done!
Many thanks in anticipation - we will keep you posted as time moves on.

24-May-2017 Celebrations are continuing - as this year is the Society’s 20th Birthday and Kennet is 70. We would like members to join us in this double celebration to be held on 1st July. We would much appreciate a reply by the date stated, to enable us to cater appropriately for the event.

11-Apr-2017 The Society is planning to attend the Leeds Waterfront Festival with our new Gazebo over the weekend of the 24th & 25th June as Kennet will be on the west side of the Pennines. In order to cover the whole weekend we are looking for volunteers to man the Gazebo - so please volunteer to man the stand and enjoy the atmosphere of the weekend. Please let us know when and how long you are available.
Many thanks.

24-Mar-2017 Last year was the most successful to date having traveled the equivalent of the full length of the canal three times and welcomed just short of 9,000 people on board. This dramatically increased the public profile of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, the Society, Kennet and the Canals & Rivers Trust.
So to this year - after making a decision to go to Ellesmere Port - the start of the season will be the National Waterways Museum’s Easter Gathering. We are then heading back onto the Leeds & Liverpool Canal for our traditional attendance at the Skipton Waterways Festival. The balance of the season will certainly be different as we are visiting places along the canal where we were welcomed by the many school children who came to cheer us on our way last October. This will give the opportunity for us to invite those schools to visit us as a "Thank You" in this the 70th Birthday Year of Kennet. It also means that we are opening to the public in Silsden and Barnoldswick before attending the Botany Bay Canal Fest over August Bank Holiday weekend for the first time. This will be followed by Kennet going into dry dock in Burnley. More details here ... and on our facebook, twitter and flickr social media feeds.
It goes without saying that we are looking for volunteers for all aspects - especially when we are open to the public and for the school visits. All we are looking for is enthusiasm in what we are doing - so please contact us for more information or just let us know when you are available so that we can plan for the visits in more detail.

6-Feb-2017 Details of the 2017 Annual General Meeting and Bicentenary Review - which is scheduled for 1pm Saturday 4th March at Ighten Leigh Social Club, 389 Padiham Road, Burnley BB12 6SZ - should now be arriving with you by post. You have until 25th February to submit any matters which you would like to raise in Any Other Business.




For 178 years the Leeds and Liverpool Canal was a private company, leading an independent existence. But in 1948, together with the majority of the country's canals and railways, it was nationalised and by 1963 it was under the control of British Waterways. On 2 July 2012 all of British Waterways responsibilities for England and Wales' waterways were transferred to the Canal & River Trust. With a total length of 141 miles, including branches, the Leeds & Liverpool is the country's longest canal. More in a Brief History of the Canal and a Canal Chronology



In the recent past it cost British Waterways about £2.5 million per annum to keep the canal open. Almost £1 million of this were generated along the canal, comprising the income from boat licences, property leases, angling and water supply, while the rest was provided by the Government. This works out at £18,000 per mile, about double the cost of building the canal almost two hundred years ago. More about current operations are at the Canal & River Trust


Access & Use

Such expenditure can only be justified if the canal is used by many people. The Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society has been formed to help promote the canal and to encourage greater understanding and appreciation of the canal's history and environment. More about access and use at the Canal & River Trust



Historically, the canal had a great effect on the areas it passed through. It also had its own unique traditions. The Society will encourage the recording of these traditions, and the conservation and preservation of the canal's environment. Many canal side warehouses and lock-keepers cottages are listed buildings, and there are well over 100 other listed structures, such as bridges and wharfs, along the canal. The Society will work with those developing land and buildings along the canal, to ensure that the distinct traditions and heritage of the canal are continued.



As a result of many years of effort the Society has created a Floating Interactive Museum using the Heritage Short Boat Kennet to travel the 127 miles of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, taking heritage and learning to local communities in the same way as the cargoes of old enabled industry to develop these communities. The public engagement being achieved through storytelling, drama, heritage skills training and multimedia linked to the communities the canal passes through. This enables Kennet to be used as a learning resource for schools and organisations that are local to the canal.

In addition the Society has a wealth of information which can be utilised by members to give presentations about the history of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and the activities of the Society.



The L&LCS can only develop its objectives through an active and enthusiastic membership. To help promote awareness and ensure the survival of the unique traditions of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, please support these efforts by joining the Society


Registered Charity Number 1156266